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Roger Wiedabach

Lead Vocals / Guitar

Johnny Baba

Lead Guitar / Vocals

Kevin Bowers


RJ Rizzo

Drums / Vocals

Ed Zubow


Paul Nolde-Morrissey



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Known as one of Arizona’s premier party bands, Shallow Water is a high-energy dance band that mixes the best of classic hits from the past with your favorite popular hits of today! What makes Shallow Water more than just another band? They combine spot-on harmonies, dynamic guitar riffs and searing trumpet lines to create an unforgettable show you will want to see again and again. As one of Arizona's most sought-after cover bands, their skillful musicianship is only rivaled by their ability to get people out on the dance floor. From the first note until the last song ends the entertainment never stops! This band is serious about having fun and will settle for nothing less than the ultimate in high-level performance and fun party music. Shallow Water is a band that makes waves wherever they go.

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